This page is designed for those who have something to trade or sell that is related to the Navy Lark. What they need to do is drop myself, or Fred, a line and we can arrange for the items to be advertised on this page. To get the ball rolling, Fred is after some bits a pieces and I thought the details of the details of the eleven double cassettes that are currently available through the BBC Radio Collection would be useful.

Moon Boots and Dinner Suits – Autobiography of Jon Pertwee
Photo Sets of the Cast – BBC Publications
Any Radio Times issues with articles, pictures of any of the shows
Cast related books/artciles, ie. Biographies

Contact Fred or myself if you have any of these items on offer.


Volume ISBN
1 0563 227168
2 0563 411163
3 0563 36520X
4 0563 366486
5 0563 401672
6 0563 394684
7 0563 390247
8 0563 389559
9 0563 38168X
10 0563 557850
11 0563 552212

Keep your eyes open in the New Year as there will be a twelfth volume available (more details on this as I get them) and there will be a re-issue of all the existing tapes.